Live Jazz Performance

The trio performs at Clowes Auditorium

Solo and ensemble performance for special events, club dates, art openings, banquets, luncheons, weddings, wedding receptions, rehearsal dinners, anniversary, holiday and milestone birthday celebrations.

Painting Pictures on Silence

It’s a simple fact. Live music can transform what might otherwise be a ho-hum event into an elegant and memorable experience. Whether heard in a subdued background setting or center stage in concert performance, clients, guests, staff, family and friends will be won over by its allure, style and beauty.
The trio performs at the Circle Centre Artsgarden
Inspired piano improvisation propelled by a tight, supple bass line and steady ping, zing, ping of the cymbal translates into a cool, comfortable and relaxed evening. From the sublime sophistication of Duke Ellington to the folksy simplicity of Henry Mancini, from waltz to bossa nova, languid ballad to hard swinging blues, live jazz is musical poetry that will enhance and enliven your event.